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Posted on Jan 14

2012 and 2013 we rented for our big family reunion in autumn “ Podere Ferranesi” in south Tuscany. The scenery of south east Tuscany is quite different than to the middle, which is centred around the chianti hills famous for the their wines. The landscape is wider and opener, with smooth rolling hills and plateaus.

30km south-east from Siena near Asciano, the “Podere Ferranesi” is an old farm, which was completely renovated and rebuild in 2002-2003. Dating back from the middle of the 19th century and abandoned in the fifties, the building was a ruin until 2002.

The sight on the Senese crests is absolutely astonishing, accompanied by soothing calmness, ideally to stay with families and friends.

Early morning, when the sun warms up, the fog slowly disappears and another brilliant day starts.

The house consists of five independent units, which can be rented separately. “Vita E Bella” is the main building, which got the centrepiece for the family during the week. It’s spacious and all units are furnished of highest quality. The main hall houses a large dining table easily fitting 15-20 people.

Any corner of the estate offers breath taking views, especially nice is the swimming pool.

In mid of October it’s still enough warm to start the day with a breakfast outside, enjoying the landscape and calmness (well 15 people on a table increase the noise a little bit).

There is enough to do in Tuscany, visiting a vineyard must be on the To Do List.

Needless to say there is no better country than Italy for food, dolce far niente and hospitality.

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