Carre Bleue in Cagnes

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Posted on Jan 6

Each time we visit Cagnes, a laid backed, relaxed lunch in the Carre Bleue beach restaurant is a must.

The food is simple and delicious, the staff relaxed and there is a certain cote d'azure vibe in the room (well Brigit Bardot’s painting is adding to the atmosphere)

Dependent on the temperature and wind the main dining room may be fully opened or closed. But at any time you have a full view if the sea.

In autumn - if the weather permits - you can chill out the whole afternoon in the lounge in front of the restaurant and enjoy the warm but not hot sun and listen to the sound of the waves. Not sure how crowded the place is in summer time, therefore Cote d'Azur is for me an autumn destination.

Moules à la crème are delicious.

Also a cosy place for lunch and relaxing, when the weather isn’t once not fine.

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