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Posted on Jan 2

The booking site Sheepskin has a small but amazing collection of cosy holiday cottages mainly located in UK (but as well as in the french alps). They are operating since 6 years and keep their collection deliberately small, so that their team can continue to provide a high level of service, both to the cottage owners they represent and the guests whose holidays they help to craft.

As they state on their website

“There are a large number of companies advertising holiday cottages, but we are confident that few others (if any) offer the bespoke, personal service that we provide for our guests. Our experienced and enthusiastic team has intimate knowledge of our collection and it is a company policy that staff stay in as many properties as possible, so that they have first-hand knowledge to share with guests”.

The website is beautiful done and easy to navigate, the pictures are of high quality.

There is a nifty page feature called “Home truths” which outlines some potential shortcomings of the property.

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